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San Juan County Fire District No. 4 is a rural fire district that serves Lopez Island in the San Juan archipelago in Washington state. Lopez Fire and EMS operates from 4 stations providing emergency services to a 29 Square mile first due response area with a year-round population of approximately 2800 that more than doubles with vacationing visitors. The community is a mixture of residential, agriculture, forest land, and commercial with some industrial manufacturing facilities and a wide variety of recreational areas. The community is heavily impacted by tourism, with visitors coming to utilize the area for outdoor activities. This includes fishing, hunting, hiking, biking, and boating. Population increases can fluctuate up to 7,000 visitors at any given time, depending on the season.


The fire district is governed by a 3-member elected board of Fire Commissioners and is operationally overseen by the Fire Chief who works with very capable administrative and field personnel. Currently Lopez Fire and EMS has 3 career Captains on rotating 48-hour shifts and 1 career Firefighter EMT who works 10-hour days. The majority of emergency personnel respond from home to our 4 fire stations strategically located throughout the island. Lopez Fire and EMS provides the community a wide range of services utilizing career and volunteer personnel, including structural and wildland firefighting, ALS/BLS ambulance transport services, rescue services, and operations Level HAZMAT.

San Juan County Fire District 4 is funded through both a general tax levy and an EMS levy. Together these levies generate approximately 94% of our operating revenue. The second source is fee-for-service Advanced Life Support services, which generates 3% of our operating revenue, Lopez Fire and EMS never bills Lopez Island residents for services not covered under insurance.

Lopez wildland team on a training exercise at Decatur Island
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