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Board of Commissioners

San Juan County Fire District No. 4 Board is comprised of publicly elected officials that oversee the finances and other major decisions of our district. As members of the public, the board represents the Lopez Island community and ensures that decisions made by San Juan County Fire District No. 4 align with the preferences of voters.


Duane Bordvick

After earning his degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington, Duane began his career as a Research Engineer for Chevron specializing in reducing automotive environmental impacts. From there he spent 12 years in public service as Director of Air Programs specializing in reducing pollution from Southern California industrial facilities. His last years of professional experience was an Executive with a Fortune 100 Petroleum Company (Tosco Corp) serving as Senior VP for Environment, Health & Safety.


Becky Smith

Becky recently retired as the Manager/Administrator at the Hamlet House Adult Family Home.  She is a WSU undergraduate and an RN from the Merritt Hospital School of Nursing. Being heavily involved in our community she has served on numerous boards including the School Board, CWMA, Chamber of Commerce and the Lopez Museum.  Becky grew up in the NW and has lived on Lopez with her family since 1984. She raised 2 children here and worked in various nursing capacities over the years including Visiting Nurse, Hospice and AIDS/Sexual Education in the school.  Her husband was the General Manager for Decatur NW and commuted to Decatur Island for 35 years. Becky first became involved with the Fire Dept. when she took the EMT course in 1985. She was asked to fill a vacancy on the Board in 2001 and has remained a Commissioner ever since.  Becky quotes: "I have been honored to work with employees and volunteers over the years to evolve into the professional department we are today."


Cathy Doherty

Cathy is currently a Family Practice Nurse Practitioner, after having graduated from the University Of Washington. Cathy has raised 4 children here, all of them benefitting from the rural lifestyle and small school. 

Cathy started her association with Lopez Fire and Rescue in 1990, attending EMT training, and taking calls. She also worked at the Lopez Clinic as a provider, retiring in 2017. Cathy worked closely with the EMS department, providing acute and emergent care, coordinating transfers to mainland facilities, and consultations with EMS staff. She has been working in the healthcare field since 1970. 


In the volunteer role of a commissioner, Cathy gets to work with a group of highly motivated and talented community members. "Our organization is an integral part of of island life. It is an honor to serve on this board".

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