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How Lopez Fire and EMS uses social media

I noticed, after our recent informational post on Facebook, there is some confusion as to how we as an agency utilizes social media platforms. While we may post on sites like Facebook and Twitter, we utilize these sites as tools to inform the public of emergency activities in the hopes that it will deter people from entering the emergency zone; this happens quite often and can be dangerous to responders and the public. We do not monitor the site and will not give emergency information over these platforms, except as a follow up to an emergency broadcast already delivered through conventional means. If there is an incident that directly impacts your safety, you will have already been contacted either in person or through the County's reverse 911 system.

We also, as an agency, do not routinely respond to comments on our social media sites. If you have any questions for Lopez Fire and EMS, please call the office or use the contact option on this web site.

Thank you,

Adam Bigby

Fire Chief

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